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Pat Keen



words by tom johnson

A work mostly of his own unique vision, with adornments from a variety of Midwest-based musicians, including Addie Strei of fellow GFP-faves Adelyn Rose, Pat Keen today shares a stream of brand new album “Albatross” ahead of Friday’s full release, and it makes for one of the summer’s wilder rides, a supremely adventurous ride smoothed out by an attention to detail that helps to create something decidedly lasting.

More plaintive than that introduction alludes to, “Albatross” does that rare thing of actually sounding like a middle-point between its listed influences – namely The Microphones and Dirty Projectors – and while Keen’s work doesn’t distinctly sound like either of those band’s you can certainly trace familial lines between them. Which is to say that “Albatross” has both light and dark, shadow and sun, little moments of luminosity amid the more streamlined nature of these funny but indelibly pretty little bedroom pop songs.

Orchestrated almost entirely by Keen himself, “Albatross” is said to be a document of him “confronting his past and his changing relationships with his family and friends in the face of a move back to his native midwest” but will strike a chord with anyone who finds some kind of solace in song. Sometimes meditative, always meaningful; you can stream the album in full right here:

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