Album Stream:

Operator Music Band

“Duo Duo”


words by tom johnson

photograph by marcus paul mcdonald

When you find yourself side-swiped by a new band or record there’s a clamour to find touch-points, to search for the most apt comparison to help make sense of it, to file it neatly alongside the things you already know. To make order from chaos. Sometimes, however, it’s best to just give yourself over to the disorder, to embrace the confusion, for that’s often where the true magic of the world lies.

Overtly profound, perhaps, but music has the ability to stir such sentiments, especially when the attached work offers something wholly eccentric and outlandish. Which, you might have guessed, brings us to Duo Duo, the new record from Operator Music Band; so good they named it twice, etc etc

Flamboyant, buzzing with energy, it’s a beautiful piece of art-pop, mirroring the spread of colours found across the album’s imagery. Meticulously produced, the record succeeds in that rare triumph of feeling both freely loose and exquisitely sequenced, able to follow-up regimented beats with a burst of shiny exuberance; a sudden burst of firework against a grey and plaintive sky.

There are hints of various influences across the album, Deerhoof being the immediate go-to, but also little flecks of Talking Heads, Gang Of Four. Throughout it all though there’s a sense of mysticism, an enchanting aura that feels brilliantly of their own vivid, vibrant making. Opening track and lead single ‘Slim Spin’ is all bold and bright and full of grace, ‘Fiji’ is frantic and robotic, that aforementioned energy rising to the surface and feeling wildly contagious, while they perhaps save their best for last, with closing-track ‘Juice’ providing five-minutes of gloriously soulful funk; the perfect parting gift.

The record comes out this coming Friday – via the ever-excellent Broken Circles label – and ahead of the release we’re very pleased to share a stream of the whole record here today. Check it out below right now.


Duo Duo is released September 20th, via Broken Circles

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