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Mr Yolk

Self Portrait


words by tom johnson

“When I started recording, I made the conscious decision to use fewer effects than I have done in other bands prior to this one,” Mr Yolk’s¬†Samuel Jones says of his new record. “I wanted to make something that was a bit more concise in its rhythm and hiding behind less of those effects.” Making an immediate impression on such sentiments, his band’s new ‘Self Portrait‘ LP is indeed concise and rhythmic, finding a little nook of its own from its compelling entrance right through to its considered farewell.

Constructed from eleven elegant but detailed pop songs, the new record is a sumptuous meeting of genres, influence pulled from the likes of Wire and White Fence meeting something far more dreamy and drifting, resulting in one of the most luxurious records ever crafted from trips to and from Peckham.

Tracks such as the gorgeously reclined ‘My Sweet Honey Sugar Pie’ are indicative of such a charm, the whole thing slow-crawling laboriously, melding relaxed strokes of guitar with Jones’ own voice which sways and soothes throughout, a beautifully woven addition to the instrumentation rather than something that sits outside of it. Then there’s the inspired spoken-word soiree of ‘Green Valentines Blues’ which offers something more exploratory and nuanced, while never once disrupting the record’s exquisite flow.

Weightless and wonderful, the whole record makes for a dedicated and decadent soundtrack for escape; a captivating journey which shifts the light around you, plucking you out of the humdrum in to a gleaming world all of Mr Yolk’s own creation. Check out the whole album below right now, ahead of its full proper and release tomorrow.




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