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Mean Jolene

“Salty” LP


by tom johnson

When we shared Mean Jolene’s “Bump The Rump” back in more halcyon days, the band’s Jolie Cota Flink described the track as “a triumphant love tune dedicated to friendship, sisterhood and the simple pleasures that make life worthwhile.” If such sentiments don’t ring a little louder, sit a little deeper, with you today then perhaps punk-pop ain’t the place for you, but using such endearment as the basis for their new album, ‘Salty‘, which is streaming below from today, the Austin-based project have crafted a fully-enthused, brilliant radiant place to escape in to, or perhaps, even, leap back in to the world alongside.

Constructed with ten gleaming tracks, ‘Salty’ is an engrossing listen; the playful guitars wrapping themselves around Flink’s endlessly invigorating voice, which details everything from parties to personal fall-outs, from wasted days to hedonistic nights. Delivered with a restless bluster throughout, the album is best taken as one giant leap in to their world; with all the fervour, glitter, heart, and rowdiness pushing the whole thing forward until you’ll every bit a part of it as the characters that it represents.

The album is released this week, but you can stream it in full right here:

“Salty” is released this week, via Austin Town Hall Records


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