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Matthew Politoski

8 Emanations


words by tom johnson

Defined as “an abstract but perceptible thing that issues or originates from a source” Emanation is perhaps the perfect word to describe Matthew Politoski’s latest work, a beautiful, sprawling ambient release that is certainly both abstract and perceptible, fashioning out a simmering, evocative atmosphere as it moves through its various passages, a swirling mass of tones and textures, like walking through a dream-world in the cold light of day.

Released today, and streaming below in full, ‘8 Emanations’ is, you guessed it, built around eight different pieces of music, and is a distant cry from Politoski’s more renowned work as part of the emo/punk quartet Animal Flag, offering something both immersive and undulating, little shimmers of instrumentation woven around ambient stretches and various samples that drift in and out of focus throughout.

Best taken in one whole, enveloping sitting, you can listen to the brand new album below and download it via Bandcamp on a pay-what-you-want basis – though be sure to give a few dollars if you can, as all proceeds from the digital release are going to the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center. Listen to ‘8 Emanations’ right here:




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