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Little Star

“Little Star”


words by tom johnson


“I’ll take a walk today, tell myself that it’s ok…”

Merging playfulness with poignancy, not to mention a big splash of ingenuity, the new self-titled record from Little Star already feels destined to be one of 2017 half-buried gems; a glowing collection of bedroom-pop songs brought to life by a distinct vision that instantly, and consistently, compels.

Released this week via Good Cheer Records, but streaming in full for you below from today, the new record is the product of Daniel Byres craft, and while many of the moments here feel bright and buoyant, there’s an underlying darkness that skirts around the entire edge, suddenly appearing and changing the whole shape and feel of it at random moments, like lying in the sun underneath the shadows of over-passing planes.

Built around eleven weighty and wonderful songs, “Little Star” is a record that won’t make it’s way to everyone’s ears but will certainly make a great companion to those that find their way to it. And aren’t we the lucky ones.

Check it out below right now.

‘Little Star’ is released on Friday – you can pre-order it here



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