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Blood On The Tracks


words by tom johnson

The opening track on another, somewhat well-known, album of the same name finds Bob Dylan depicting a character who moves around the country, chasing the tails of a relationship that moves in and out of focus, eventually leading him to New Orleans where he takes a job as a fisherman but soon falls foul of loneliness: “But all the while I was alone / The past was close behind / I seen a lot of women / But she never escaped my mind/  And I just grew / Tangled up in blue.”

Moving through the shade of those same colourful streets, the concrete all broken up by the great swamp trees that line-them, resolute totems of a time before a city was inexplicably built there, post-punk duo Lawn also come-of-age within Nola’s heat and havoc, the band’s debut album – released this Friday, but streaming in full here from today – is a clamouring, sweaty beast of song; twelve agitated, fiery songs that contort and contrast, needling there way under the skin of the listener like a summer swarm that can’t be escaped.

Again, much like the city they call home, Lawn’s music is an almost overwhelming blend of style and influence, their components learned and borrowed then bent in to puzzle pieces that, in conclusion, present a distorted mosaic rather than any solid, readable image. The album’s accompanying press release talks of the Kinks and British 60s pop, but there’s something beautifully intangible about their sound; those aforementioned influences warped by the temperature, by the stickiness and enchantment of the Mississippi that passes so close by, informing more than it knows.

The result, then, in far less colourful terms, is a bold and brilliant set of songs that teem with energy – sometimes pent-up, but mostly let-loose to stir and strike at the surrounding crowd. There’s an energy to these songs that feels suitably alive, as if pulled straight from the heart of some bustling bar, where shapes are thrown and sweat flows, where the sounds made, all playful, powerful bass and emphatically stark vocals, bring about the kind of magic that can’t be tempered or contained; spilling out in to the night, over heads and hearts and through the open door, in to those aforementioned broken roads, catching bystanders like an unlikely, unexpected breeze in the heat of the night.

Pre-order a copy of the record here, via Forged Artifacts, and listen to the whole thing below right now.

‘Blood On The Tracks’ is out May 11th via Forged Artifacts

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