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words by tom johnson

There is, in case you were wondering, a shrillness to Lady Parts music, the Philadelphia trio occasionally ramping up their “punk-lite” songs with an endearing sense of vigour that manifests itself as something brilliantly piercing and primal. There’s plenty of balance too, however, refined moments that keep the whole thing balanced right there on the precipice, adding even greater intrigue and contagiousness to their brilliant new album, which is released this coming Friday via Sad Cactus Records, and one which we’re very pleased to unveil in full here today, a few days prior to that occasion.

Along with the shrillness comes power and punch, heart and soul, however, and within this framework the trio of Gracie Clements, Mary Rush, and Christine Oglesby have crafted a record that lands an almighty blow from the outset, the record delving in to “feminist perspectives, romantic relationships, and the trials and tribulations of being a human in the world” while delivering a series of formidable rock and roll songs that have has much tender-heart to them as they do vehemence and vigour.

With hints of Waxahatchee and Girlpool, as well as occasional bursts of Sleater Kinney-esque drive, ‘Shrill’ is a reckless and restless undertaking, songs such as the opening ‘Day To Day’ and closing number ‘Think Again’ flying past in a whirlwind of sentiment, while ‘Rain’ offers a glimpse at the other side of the coin, more melodic and restrained than the aforementioned tracks, bringing us back to that wavering balance that just about holds its own, despite numerous attempts to disturb the whole thing.

A raw but gleaming collection of songs, ‘Shrill’ is released on Friday 13th October, but you can stream the whole thing hear today. Check it out…

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