I’m An Island – Bored Days, Old Years

[GFP Premiere]


by tom johnson


“A lot of [the album] addresses how I really feel like I’m getting older, but I still struggle with the monotony of boredom and loneliness… A lot of stuff that I felt as an adolescent, stuff that I felt would magically disappear once I got older, are still things I feel and struggle with as an adult.”

Universal sentiments that most of us will have had to deal with at some point in time, the above quote is courtesy of I’m An Island’s J Gardner and it acts as a pertinent entry-point to his band’s often-beautiful new album, Bored Days, Old Years – released this Friday (26th February) and streaming in-full here from today.

Somewhat fixated with that perpetual struggle, the new record is a meandering and listless affair but it manages to find little doses of magic and intrigue within these parameters, as if this explorative space has a little light of its own way down the tunnel, even if the details can’t quite be distinguished at this point in time.

Melding dream-pop aesthetics with softer folk flourishes, ‘Bored Days, Old Years‘ flows forward across its nine tracks, and while the first half of the album was revealed towards the end of 2015 – via Consequence Of Sound – the LP finds further solace in being taken as a whole, exemplifying the elongated nature of this search for place and identity. For all the talk of solitude, however, there are times when the album feels markedly bright; the sentiments suspended within a breeze so soft it simply doesn’t allow for anything but idle distraction.

From the soulful sway of ‘SW1‘ to the more robust unravellings of ‘Bored Days‘, and closing track ‘Swing‘, the new record might not present any answers to the vague questions that so inspired it but it does provides a rather beautiful space for them to be explored within. A charming and compelling collection of songs that might just have the ability to pause the ageing process for the briefest of moments; you can stream the whole thing below right now.



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