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Gentle Heat



words by tom johnson

Gentle Heat is about right; a fiery fortitude wrapped in restraint, a vehemence that always maintains a balance. New record “Dissolve” is indicative of this stance throughout, journeying through various influences and genres throughout its eight tracks, while always sticking close to that post-punk exuberance that they do so well, so thrillingly.

Another worthy addition to the Sooper Records roster, and released in full this coming Friday, GFP is very pleased to add our own stamp of approval to the album and share a stream of the gnarly beast here today. Brash and bold from the outset, the new record is sprawling, swaggering delight, the kind of boisterous guitar music that doesn’t turn to the shadows but instead lets as much light in as possible, blindly filling all the surrounding space and feeling all the more invigorating and essential for it.

And so ‘Head First’ kick things off in suitably thrilling style, a simmering introduction suddenly bursting in to life with a kick and a stare and a prickly four minutes. Elsewhere, songs like ‘Back To Nowhere’ offer a somewhat skewed take on their more propulsive blueprint, the choppy guitars lending the whole thing a more refined, somewhat more playful feel. Whichever they come at you though, Gentle Heat have nailed it here; like some rapturous jigsaw piece where every single piece both essential and a part of something bigger. There’s little left to do but sit back and enjoy the finished pictured.

Pre-order the new recordĀ here – and stream the whole thing below right now.



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