Album Stream:


Nothing Like Before


words by tom johnson

photograph by radek brousil

Release in late-2016, ‘These Semi Feelings, They Are Everywhere was an exquisite recording, courtesy of Prague-based electronic musician Ondrej Holy, who performs under the moniker dné. Wholly personal and beautifully detailed, his lush and steady ambient instrumentals offered the kind of album that quietly swallowed you whole, surrounding you in its alluring fogginess before you even realised your entire world had shifted.

Released tomorrow, new album Nothing Like Before is, well, similar to what came before; a collection of captivating electronic compositions that send the steadiest of ripples through your day. The title isn’t a play on his work however, in fact it’s the title of a new HBO documentary film, which the music here was composed for. Mostly featuring just a Prophet-6 synth and an electric guitar, the new album is undoubtedly ‘soundtrack’ like in tone and texture, but the overall weight of the songs is more than strong enough for the album to hold its own as a stand-alone piece; a considered and mesmerising accompaniment to a journey either already-prepared for you or undertaken within your own time and space.

Meditative and meticulous, Nothing Like Before might well pass under the radar, as one-off soundtracks often seem to do, but those who make their way to it will undoubtedly find something to cling to; a delicate hideaway with an aching poigancy so compelling you almost feel you could reach out and touch it. Stream below, in full, ahead of its release tomorrow.



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