Dalton | LP

by tom johnson

It’s a difficult one to place, this self-titled debut LP from Dalton. Drifting, as it does, between a small catchment of genres, never really finding its feet but breeding a sense of brooding disquiet and endearment in its ability to exist and thrive in this kind of fluctuating state. The solo project of Nate Harrar, we’ve been fans of his Dalton project since first hearing his debut EP about eighteen months ago. That offering was a bit more straightforward; three tracks of fuzzy guitar pop, straight-laced and intuitive it both was and wasn’t an indicator of his capabilities.

Those hazy rock ‘n’ roll songs are still present, from the formidable ‘Control‘ to the rousing ‘For The Last’ but it’s when he strays away from these solid frames that the real depth to this record shines through. It’s often the ballads that give the most away about songwriters and that proves to be the case here. Sentimental vexations are slowly unearthed and subsequently disclosed through a variety of soft, yearning declarations, complete with subtle guitar builds and hearty vocal displays.

So there are two very distinctive sides to this album, one snarling, one suggestive, but perhaps what’s most impressive is how easily they’re bound together. What might have been somewhat catatonic becomes something far more seamless, thanks mostly to the strength of Harrar’s convictions. These are his stories, from start to finish, and because of that what we’re left with is a coherent telling, no matter how those narratives might be delivered.

A dependable, rugged but deeply engaging collection of songs, it never once pauses to question itself or its motives and, in doing so, delivers a hefty, melodramatic blow to the senses that will stay with you for you days. Stream the whole thing exclusively below.

‘Dalton’ is released on February 23rd, via Fierce Panda.

Pre-order here.



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