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Cool American

“Infinite Hiatus”


words by tom johnson

When we covered Cool American’s ‘Better Luck Next Year Vol.2’ we labelled it as a “placeholder of sorts” even though the quality of the release was far greater than such labels proffered. With that release now faded by the winter, Cool American return properly and fully today with new album Infinite Hiatus, a twelve track collection released via Good Cheer Records and Topshelf’s cassette series and streaming in full for you right here and now (pre-order it here).

As the band themselves profess: “Infinite Hiatus is basically about learning how to carve out a meaningful space for yourself and your friends in a world that doesn’t seem to value the same things that you value.” With that as the band’s musical spine, the new record is a brilliantly spirited bout of guitar pop, Nathan Tucker’s craft is as gleaming as resolute as ever, his scrappy but lovable compositions bursting in to life with his fully-fledged backing band ready, able, and buoyantly present.

Honest and gleaming, reckless and undeterred, ‘Infinite Hiatus’ is a glowing soundtrack to the season, a weathered collection of songs that sticks to you like a new-found friend, ready to embrace the summer with all the gusto and guile both of you need. Released fully next Friday, stream the whole thing below right here:




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