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words by tom johnson

photograph by emily herr

It’s no surprise to hear that comco, the new album from community college, was informed by the darker parts of life, those enclosing shadows we try to steer clear from. From the get-go, the trio’s new album slumps rather than flourishes, the whole thing sitting like a wound-up ball of listless vexation, not striving to unwind itself but, instead, giving itself over to the shadows.

Such an act, an almost wilful submission, requires some form of bravery, however, and so it’s also no surprise to hear that comco is also a reflection of what we do when we find ourselves in that position, the way in which we operate when there’s so little light to see. “comco deals with alcoholism, depression, frustration, and confusion,” says the band’s John Margaris, whose plaintive voice steers the record from beginning to end, “along with the vulnerability, honesty, and the fear that comes with it.”

Margaris is joined here by his younger brother Dan on drums, and Horse Jumper of Love vocalist Dimitri Giannopoulos on bass, and the trio concoct a suitably dense noise, a greyness that feels somewhat impenetrable, whether stuck on the outside on trying to work out a way of escaping from within. There are echoes of the aforementioned HJOL throughout, but comco also recalls Hovvdy’s earlier, more colourless compositions, lending just a slither of light into proceedings to keep the whole thing from disappearing completely into the dark.

“I tried to succinctly capture moments of weakness and/or clarity,” Margaris expands, “where an unhealthy admission can be a therapeutic release; to create something instead of self-destruct.”

Stream the album in full below, and follow the pre-order links below to grab yourself a copy. It’s released in full on Friday March 8th, via Disposable America.

comco‘ is released on March 8th

You can pre-order it here



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