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Club Night

Hell Ya” EP


words by tom johnson

photograph by joanna samuel

As Trev Elkin wrote on these very pages earlier in the year, Oakland trio Club Nightcounterbalances early Mercury Rev’s playful vandalism with Cardiacs’ unpredictable pop brilliance” and nowhere is that rather tantalising descriptor better realised or more greatly defined than on their wonderful new EP, which we’re very pleased to unveil in full today ahead of its proper release at the end of the week, via Tiny Engines.

Enthralling from the outset, the Hell Ya EP is a wild head-rush of a journey, all the exuberance of a summer falling apart at the seams bottled up and exploding in a cataclysm of rabid instrumentation and erratic but brilliantly colourful vocal yelps, so full of blood they can’t help but stir something deep down inside, no matter the exuberance.

While we don’t mean to gloss over the EP’s first three tracks, the previously-released tracks all follow the above blueprint to (glorious) T, opening track ‘Shear’ the stand-out moment of the bunch with its skittering percussion and slowly swelling composition.  Just when you think you’ve found your feet, however, along comes the staggering closing track “Work”, an eight-minute behemoth of a track, so brilliantly OTT you won’t know what to do with yourself. Gradually settling itself in, the track finds its groove and then simply lets loose, never looking back to see who’s following but, instead, careering forwards with an grandiosity that might well be unmatched anywhere in 2017 thus far. Yup, that good.

An inspired and unique record to lift you far and away from the state of the world; you can stream the whole thing below right now. Hell fuckin’ Ya, indeed.

‘Hell Ya’ is released on Friday – buy it here



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