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Introduction by Jamie Halliday (Audio Antihero)

I’ve been inadequately running Audio Antihero: Specialists in Commercial Suicide since 2009 and in that time I’ve released what feels like a zillion records, with only three of them being full-length albums. The reasons for this are as follows: 1) They’re expensive. 2) They’re exhausting. 3) They’re damn near impossible to get right. Cloud got ‘Comfort Songs‘ RIGHT. An issue with the records I choose to release is that I only want to release something that I do and always will believe is special, which means I can’t really touch the super-uber fast band that sounds like every Garage Punk band ever and I can’t touch the droopy laptop types who sound like Portishead either, I need to find something that I believe to be unique…and that means I can never really describe my artists when it comes to the press release – this happened with Cloud…big time. I literally had a panic attack, maybe you’ll do better than I did.

The main thing though is that Cloud from Los Angeles via Boston via New York (USA! USA! USA! USA!) has come up with the goods and has breathed a little life into my all but defeated label by producing a truly beautiful album that I am very very proud to have had some hand in releasing. I’m not sure today’s busy busy busy world has the patience for albums as full and layered as ‘Comfort Songs’ but I’d love to be proven wrong. Anyway, I’m really happy to “premiere” it with GoldFlakePaint because in a dying industry of the worthless, the weary and the wanting…GFP really are the good guys. I hope you enjoy this album, I’m excited that people will now get a chance to hear the likes of Blurry & Bright, Halley’s Comet, Boy Sees Mirror…and more.

Album Stream

Comfort Songs‘ is released on August 5th and is available now for pre-order on limited deluxe super-digipack CD and Download:

The “Mother Sea” single is available now for free download:


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