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Cat Apostrophe

“The World Is Fucked”


by trevor elkin

We’ve already said how great Cat Apostrophe are. A standout track from ‘Hang In There’, the Mind charity covers compilation, was their tearful interpretation of Robyn’s ‘Dancing On My Own’, to which they lent so much more depth in the context of depression and anxiety, where sufferers are often left to cope on their own. Now, “The World Is Fucked”, streaming below is our first proper foray into this Leeds-based band’s vulnerable world. The three tracks catalogue the small victories of surviving when the prevailing weight of the world seems too much to bear.

Opener, ‘I Left My Room’ is a punchy pop-punk embodiment of this pressure bearing down You feel its tension running in your eyes, into roof of your mouth, through the raw nerves in your teeth. But the hollered vocal refrain upturns the overpowering feelings of isolation and paralysis, reminding us:

“if all you could do today is breathe then that’s okay

you’re worth more than the work you did today”

‘Roast Dinner’ and ‘Small Things’ are equally wholehearted and impassioned, each obliquely positioned outside a constrained emotional scale. Sometimes joyous-sounding, sometimes numbed, but always in the thick of fighting heartache and self-blame. All three songs were recorded “during a few hours in a practice room on a malfunctioning tape recorder”, but don’t mistake the resulting awkwardness for anything but a candid and sincere clutch of songs with deep personal meaning.

Cat Apostrophe started as a sad solo project started by Kirsty Fife (Actual Crimes, Suggested Friends). After her solo debut, ‘Gut Songs’ last year, the project grew into a five-piece band featuring members of Camp Shy, Camboys and Clammy Hands. With their upcoming support slots with GFP faves Porridge Radio and Two White Cranes, it’s time to get better acquainted with Cat Apostrophe’s unmistakeable, earnest charm – and you can do so below. 

“The World Is Fucked” is out now.


photo: carl farrugia

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