Album Stream:

Caitlin Pasko

“Glass Period”


words by tom johnson

Intricate, delicate, unwavering. Caitlin Pasko’s work has always hung beautifully by a thread. Her new EP, Glass Period, released tomorrow but streaming in full here today, is no different; the soft runs of piano and Pasko’s tender vocals just as likely to carry you far out of your the space you inhabit as they are to simply penetrate your own.

Which is to say that these songs, all quiet brooding power, but powerful nonetheless, are wildly engrossing, skeletal frames with eminent hidden strength. Introducing itself with a foggy swirl of ambience, opening track “Barking Dog” is immediate in its evocation, the soft ballad-like structure of the song one that’s replicated, with minor fluctuations, across the six tracks here, like ingrained memories that can’t be forgotten no matter how much you might desire such a thing.

From the contemplative soundscapes found on “Open Windows” and “Favourite Desert“, to the swirling majesty of the beautiful, beguiling closing track of “Get Right“, the whole EP makes for an intrepid journey, one that never feels like our own, but carries enough precious weight for it to matter, really matter, all the same. Stream it below.

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