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Big Heet

On A Wire


words by tom johnson

Breathless, messy, chaotic, unshackled. So many words that could be cause for scathing concern in certain corners of the room. Throw them all under the punk rock umbrella, however, and you their meaning is transformed; twisted in to thrilling shapes, expanding and collapsing, and resulting in a record like ‘On A Wire‘ – the formidable new record from Floridian post-hardcore act Big Heet.

Released this coming Friday via Exploding In Sound Records, the whole thing is streaming for you below from today and it makes for one of 2017’s most tumultuous and riotous listens; a forceful burst of noise and passion that hits like a mighty gust of wind on an already rain-battered day.

Announced earlier this year, lead track Flint showcased the political aspect to Big Heet’s latest work; a scathing attack on the current government. “”It’s easy to become overwhelmed by our inability to change anything politically when the elected are ok with poisoning their own constituents and destroying the land,” David Settle said of that track. “From the water crisis in Flint and the pipelines at Standing Rock and Sabal Palm, to the mass polluting of South Florida waters by Big Sugar companies (many of whom are top financial supporters of our highest-powered state politicians), its obvious that many in power care more about the corporate hands in their pockets than the lives they’re meant to represent.”

Recorded in the quartet’s Tallahassee practice room, there’s certainly a sense of such claustrophobic surroundings permeating from every second of the record; the whole ten-track record tightly bound, ragged and sweat-drenched, quickly unraveling with each forward-step. The result is something brutal and brilliant; a fired-up document of these hellish times that just might offer some sense of cathartic release when you need it the most.

Check it out below right now.

Pre-order the new album here, via Exploding In Sound



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