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Beverly Tender

What Have You Done To My Water?


words by tom johnson

Something of a shape-shifting beast, Beverly Tender’s new seven-track collection is a spiky, untamed collection of guitar-pop, one that drifts between dark shadows and glorious light, making that transition when ever it damn pleases throughout the weird and warped world it wonderfully creates for itself.

The musical project of  Tristan Brooks and Molly Hastings, What Have You Done To My Water? follows their 2015 debut ‘LORD MAYOR MAKES 1,000 SPEECHES’ (also being reissued by Disposable America to accompany this release), and finds the duo in ever-experimental climes, a choppy, buzzing collection of math-y guitars, warbling vocals, and a pace that feels almost impossible to stay inline with.

It’s this sense of unsteadiness which becomes their most rewarding facet, initially keeping the listener at arms length before becoming an ingredient full of captivation, like trying to second-guess the ways and desires of someone you know nothing about. Opening track ‘Theme From Beverly Tender’ is a mighty but somewhat linear pop song, a simmering introduction that allows you a toe-dip in to their soundscapes, before its follow-up, ‘Doggie Dog World’ offers something altogether more abstract; a moody, detached atmosphere following their every footstep through the track’s brilliantly skewed five-minutes.

Released in full on Friday, we’re very pleased to share the full album below, allowing a couple of extra days of navigation and exploration, a few more listens to try and arrange these shapes in to something you might be able to understand and piece together. Our advice? Don’t bother. Close your eyes and take the leap; let it drag you whichever way it wants, revel in the unsteadiness and disquiet and try to find your own place within it…

Pre-order the new album here, via Disposable America



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