Artist: The City And Horses

Title: We Will Never Be Discovered

Label: Paper Garden Records

Released: September 27th

Words by Caitlin White

I’m going to be honest, when I first started working for Paper Garden Records, “We Will Never Be Discovered” by The City and Horses was the only album in their catalogue I listened to for maybe the first two weeks; that’s how catchy and intriguing Marc Cantone’s take on pop-rock is.

Cantone is the mastermind behind the band, writing all the lyrics and playing lead guitar. His writing is a compelling combination of puns, private admissions and just plain old catchy hooks – in other words, it’s the perfect recipe for wonderful pop music.

The talk-sung title track “We Will Never Be Discovered” and the 500 Days Of Summer feel of duet “The Company, Inc.”, thoroughly cement this album as a solid listen through and through. Accompanied by the vocal stylings of Katie Costello on several of the tracks, We Will Never Be Discovered feels like a sampler of sorts, which is essentially what I think a great pop record should be.

Variation in sound, style, tempo and topic is what separates well-made pop music from the trite tramped-up songs that the mainstream media rams down our throats. Cantone’s delightful commentary never grows stale, as he chimes in on everything from living in Manhattan and the process of writing songs, to simply staying in and feeling lonely. “We’ve Said It Before” covers a number of topics including New York winters, break-ups and the joys and sorrows of seclusion, and is one of the albums strongest moments.

What lifts “We Will Never Be Discovered” above any other solid pop record is the work of flutist Domenica Fossati. Her work here lends the album a sound that is completely it’s own, whether it’s reaching peaks of high shrilling notes to create crescendos, or simply sweetly accompanying the melody line.

In conclusion, give The City And Horses a listen and I can practically guarantee you’ll be sucked in by their sweet and sour sound as quickly as I was.

If you’re a visual learner, check out the outrageous music videos made for the band. Watch “We Wll Never Be Discovered” by le contremaître et sa contremaîtresse here and “Dum Dee Dum” by Cetuss and featuring Katie Costello on vocals below.

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