Artist: Rumour Cubes

Title: The Narrow State

Release Date: Monday 20th February


Written by Chris Hughes

The Narrow State’ is the debut album from the London based six-piece Rumour Cubes. Building on the majestic “We Have Sound Houses Also” EP, Rumour Cubes have included the three tracks from that release but augmented it with the addition of three new tunes that show the breadth of their talent. Their sound can be classified as post-rock but it’s truly cinematic and transcends jazz and modern classical music and is sure to draw a lot of comparisons to bands such as Explosions in the Sky, Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Yndi Halda.

The album opens with ‘The University Is A Factory’,  its floating strings meander along until they are joined by jazzy drumming, all underpinned by a funky fusion bass line. The track creates visions of dreams and reality counterpointing each other as the track concludes with jarring guitars.

This is followed by ‘The Gove Curve‘, its simple structure and harmonious orchestration build together until the listener is violently snapped back to reality with raging guitars, bass and drums. This would be impressive enough, however the highlight of the track is the intense poem delivered over the soaring music by the brilliant Steve Willey.

The album continues in a similar vein on the tracks ‘At Sea’, ‘Tempus Fugit’ and ‘Rain On Titan’ but the tour-de-force of the album is the stunning ‘Triptych’ which is a total departure from what has gone before. As the name suggests, this is a piece of three parts and features a driving, rhythmic, electronic mayhem opening as a prelude to the brooding and pulsating techno-induced blend that wouldn’t be out of place gracing the work of Richie Hawtin. It’s totally dark and menacing but at the same time manages to be both giddy and breathless. The strings soon start up and deliver part three, the song crawling from out of the fog and into a reality-jerking break beat while the returning guitars rise up euphorically, open armed to deliver us back to a place of sanctuary.

Rumour Cubes have truly delivered on this fine debut album and if this is the future of British post-rock then, given their development from their debut EP, I’m looking forward to seeing where they go next.

*       *       *


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