Artist: Peter Wyeth

Title: Humming New Time

Release Date: December 31st 2011

Label: Olynka Records


Written by Tom Johnson

One would assume that when it comes to starting your own record label, you want to kick things off with a statement of sorts; something that not only captures the attention but also stands out from the crowd and signals your future intent. Olynka Records – a new label created and run by Tom Morris of Her Name Is Calla fame – has managed to do just that with their debut release; the mesmerising and intriguing Humming New Time EP from Leicester musician Peter Wyeth.

According to the blurb, the record is a “collection of improvisations recorded on an iphone and a handheld recorder using loop pedals and acoustic instruments and recorded in gardens, fields and rooms in South Leicestershire” – and it’s this sense of journey and wandering that lends itself so well to the recordings found here – almost as if the EP is a soundtrack to a long walk rather than just a collection of songs.

Humming New Time glides along on softly plucked guitar lines and gently hummed vocals but due to the nature of the recordings we also get a lot of ambient background noise woven into the proceedings, as well as the sound of laughing children, singing birds and various other weird and wonderful noises.

There really isn’t any need to cherry-pick stand out songs or moments, as this is a record that genuinely works best as a single piece of work and at just under twenty minutes there is more than enough going on here to hold the attention. Even more than that though, Humming New Time is a wonderfully crafted and intricate piece of music that offers pure escapism through an all-round different and more holistic approach to recording. Olynka has certainly made a solid choice with their first release and we look forward to more releases from both Olynka and Wyeth in the future.

*       *       *

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