“Only No One”


by tom johnson

In a world that increasingly relies upon an abundance of links and material available at our digital fingertips, it feels like a personal victory that I discovered the beautiful music of Natureboy after unintentionally stumbling in to them mid-set during my first ever visit to New York a few years ago. Such excitable circumstances can often lead to false ideas of grandeur, but thankfully Sara Kermanshahi’s project stuck with me in the aftermath of said trip and continues to flourish on beautiful new album ‘Only No One‘, released via Bandcamp in the closing moments of August.

Natureboy’s blueprint has always been Kermanshahi’s drip-fed swoon of a lead vocal, wrapped up in drifting guitar leads, and it remains so here, but such is the wholesomeness of her craft it, once again, feels like a completely new set of songs, a whole new chapter in the Natureboy story to wade through, to unpick, to try and find your way inside of.

It feels like a pertinent point that ‘Only No One’ eases its way in to the year just as Autumn approaches, for many of these ballads feel like perfect accompaniments to all the melodramatic notions that we tend to bind with such times. The days closing in, and all the attached romanticism that brings, as well as just the way that our own moods, sentiments, daydreams seem to be steered by the change in the weather and the attached reflections on another summer that’s passed. And so we have a quietly evocative collection of songs, elegantly crafted and delivered with a genuine sense of humanity, from the slow-crawl expanse of ‘Sunsets’ to the more nuanced, electronic-tinged, murkiness of ‘Nothing Matters’.

Nearly five years on from that fortuitous discovery, Natureboy’s music continues to lend itself as a perfect soundtrack to isolation, be it the stillness of house in the soft passing of an afternoon or simply bleeding its way in to your journeys through headphones, and, in doing so, Kermanshahi’s voice and vision remains something to both cherish and explore; a compelling eeriness shaped by the evocative space it so dutifully creates.


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