Raoul Vignal

“The Silver Veil”


words by tom johnson

Honing his craft since the age of twenty, and with a two year stay in Berlin sandwiched in between where he recorded his wonderful debut album, released today via Talitres, Raoul Vignal is a still only twenty-six but the songs that make up “The Silver Veil” belie such an age, casting wistful shadows that feel shaped by time and ageing. Meandering through ten beautiful tracks, the record is a tender departure from the rush of the day; a thirty-six minute journey in to somewhere else entirely.

Meditative and mesmeric, Vignal’s soft-whisper is a fascinating character, albeit one that seems to exist in black-and-white, in unhurried spaces where time fades to something less than we know it. Backed by a soft instrumental accompaniment, it quietly twists and turns throughout the record, leading a slow-parade through beautiful folk landscapes, leaving the listener hanging on to every half-murmured word and phrase.

Lead track “Hazy Days” is exactly that; a lost soundtrack to a faded summer memory, half-swallowed poignancy and all, while closing track “Shadows” showcases something different; a more playful arrangement with more a cutting edge, a more pertinent reminder of his craft just as the record fades to dusk. And isn’t that always the way.

Released today, you can buy the album here, listen on Youtube here, and stream it in full below.



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