First Listen:


Into Dimensions” EP


by tom johnson

Billed as their debut EP, but feeling perhaps a lot more substantial than that label suggests, “Into Dimensions” is the beautiful new eight-track collection from Danish dream-pop trio IRAH, and it makes for a most sensuous of journey; an exquisite weaving of colour and texture that feels distinctly Scandinavian, shrouded, as it is, with a kind of implacable magic from start to elegant finish.

Three of the tracks have been heard before, and “Into Dimensions”, “Mirroring”, and “Fast Travelling” all retain a glowing sense of intrepid discovery, the six-minute unraveling of the latter, especially, still feeling like one of 2016 most luxurious debut moments. Elsewhere “Moon” is a seductive, brooding piece of music that slows the day down to a decadent crawl, while the six-and-a-half minutes of “Showering Layers Off My Skin” is an imposing burst of experimental, contemplative pop music that swells and reclines beautifully, voice into music, into voice into music in haze of colourful journeying.

The band play their debut UK show on November 10th at The Waiting Room, London (tickers here) and we’re very pleased to present this very special debut release with a full stream of Into Dimensions, ahead of its release this Friday. Check it out below, and pre-order it right here.

‘Into Dimensions’ is released on October 14th, via Tambourhinoceros


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