Filthy Little Star

“At Rest”


words by tom johnson

In a country as sprawling and vast as Australia, there must be all manner of juxtapositions, sudden contrasts that leap out of endless stretches of roads and vistas that appear to last forever when you find yourself lost inside. In many ways Filthy Star’s new record is like a condensed version of such a thing, the Tasmanian collective crafting a playful record that seems to sit quietly in its place and then suddenly leap in to life. Suitably labelled as experimental noise-pop, the band craft playful ditties that occasionally brood, sometimes rock out, but always seem to sit just off the actual pace of the day, following one step behind in the shadows, perhaps.

New album At Rest is indicative of such things, the half-buried nature of their work often staying as exactly that – unknown murky shapes in the distance- but sometimes leaping in to something far more tangible. It’s hard to say which angle they excel at best so perhaps the answer is simply: both. Digging its way through languid rolls of guitars, hazy and dream-like textures, flickers of psych-ish tendencies, and all led by that voice which is the epitome of one hanging on by a hair’s breadth as the sheer vastness that surrounds threatens to pull it all apart, “At Rest” finally pulls through, the end result being a sumptuous guitar record that unveils new dark corners, and new bright ones too, with each passing listen – of which we recommend many. Check it out below in full below, you can download it via Bandcamp right now.




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