Daddy’s Beemer

“Daddy’s Beemer”


words by tom johnson

photograph by jessica martin

Formed last summer, Daddy’s Beemer came to be “when long-time collaborators and roommates Wesley Heaton and Dan Fetterolf joined forces with college radio friends Brady Sklar and Luke Waldrop“. The rest, as folk tend to say, is history. And so here they are, leaping in to the grown-up world today with a six-track debut EP which collates their self-ascribed slackerdom in to a charming little collection of pop songs that might well kick around the heels of the summer for many a month to-come.

Exploring themes such as “love, drug addiction, heartbreak, youth, and companionship”, the self-titled EP greets you at the door with opening track “TV Lied To Me” which instantly hooks you in, that sun-faded voice doing its best to keep up with the radiant instrumental backing; all colourful, sprightly guitars that drive the whole thing towards occasional bursts of energy that feel wildly endearing.

While the band’s blueprint stays relatively true to itself throughout, their are mild diversions away from it that lend these tracks something of an extra. “Rain Dance” is the unsteady sound of day-drunk wooziness kept as a secret, while stand-out moment ‘Laced’ suddenly turns the whole EP on its head, offering up six-and-a-half minutes of surprisingly considered melodrama.

Heartfelt and hurried, sunburned and slouched, “Daddy’s Beemer” sits as an impressive start-point, a bundle of influences thrown together and then picked apart, strand by strand, until they form their own satisfyingly distinct shape. Stream the whole EP below right now – it’s released today.




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