Daddy Issues

“Deep Dream”


words by tom johnson

Bolstered by a gnarly undercurrent of guitars that billow thrillingly, almost incessantly, throughout, Deep Dream is the glorious new album from Daddy Issues – a prickly, foggy, restless new record, released today via Infinity Cat and streaming below for you right now.

Shaped, most pertinently, be the falling in to, and fall out from, varying relationships, Deep Dream is an eminently engaging vehicle for Jenna Moynihan’s bold and bright lead voice, a protagonist that you’ll quickly find yourself not just rooting for but following along, every step of the way.

The PR that comes attached to the trio’s new record describes the moment that Moynihan “saw the phrase “DaddyIssues” scribbled on the bathroom wall of a now-defunct Nashville DIY venue, she mistakenly assumed it was the name of an all-girl punk outfit sure to become her next favourite band. Upon realising that no such band existed, Moynihan and friends Emily Maxwell (drums) and Jenna Mitchell (bass) picked up their instruments, taught themselves how to play and started their own band.”

Quite how true to detail that depiction of events is we’ll leave up to you to decide, but both that sense of do-what-we-want free spirit and the “punk band” descriptor sit as Daddy Issue’s most wholesome traits. Many of the tracks here rattle through their allotted time in considered but raucous fashion; almost every track delivering a thick-edge thwack of spiky bass lines and hefty slabs of guitar. The spirit characteristic is much more difficult to pin-point, suffice to say that every second of this record holds a palpable sense of meaning; a woozy, punch-drunk reverence that feels wildly hypnotic, whether simmering in the shadows just out of sight, or when taking your hand and dashing forwards with rousing aptitude.

A weighty, tough, and often-brilliant record – stream it below via Spotify and grab a copy from today via Infinity Cat.



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