Bill Waters

Humid [EP]


by tom johnson

Whether it’s the time of year it arrives in or because of the kind of year we’re having, Bill Waters new EP feels remarkably out of time and place. An elegant, eloquent EP that meanders through soft and subtle landscapes, Humid offers the kind of seasoned escape that doesn’t so much stop you in your tracks but, instead, slowly draws you in to its world, moving so gently you barely notice the change at all until you’re consumed by it; like watching the leaves of a tree change its colour in real time.

Released last week via Forged Artifacts, the EP made good on the subtle promise of the lead track, New Car, which was launched on these very pages, offering a little glimpse of hazy reclining; snaking summer roads with the top down; the hum of a city quietly bristling with energy. Like that simmering introduction, the rest of the EP plays out in equally cinematic form, Waters’ way with mood and atmosphere as pertinent as the music and words; perhaps even more so.

‘Easy’ is a softly brooding centre-piece, indicative of the EP’s swaying charm; in-fact picking out any one track is somewhat futile because this was designed for disappearing in to, a cloth-like record that wraps you up and then gently unrolls you on the other side, back in to the harsher world, with just that faint remembrance of things being different; of a different pace and temperature, of something unspoken. Check it out below right now.



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