video premiere

Aidan Knight

“Veni Vidi Vici”


words by tom johnson

Quietly and spaciously, Canadian songwriter Aidan Knight has spent the past decade assembling a back catalogue laden with gems. From his 2010 solo debut to 2016’s mesmerising and fully-realised Each Other, his development has been as compelling as the songs themselves; sublime guitar-led compositions led by Knight’s honeyed croon.

His fourth full-length effort arrives just as summer departs, with a late August release via the stellar Full Time Hobby label. Adding greater weight to the anticipation today comes an inspired new video for the sublime ‘Veni Vidi Vici’ ~ the record’s final single which is available to watch below right now.

Where the track is tied in with all the gentle romanticism we’ve long come to expect, it’s actually an ode to trans and non-binary people, as Aidan explains: “I was thinking about how sweet and wonderful trans and non-binary people are, and how shittily they get treated by conservative losers who sell brain pills online. Actually, not just them, but by the government and sports and media portrayals and comedians and JK Rowling. The list goes on. To be honest, I highly doubt that the trans community really needs some outsider cis guy singing for them,” he continues, “but I love them and support them and will always fight for them if they need me for anything. You can quote me on that: Trans Rights.”

The video itself is a playful piece of film, beautifully shot on a construction site as the sun sets but carrying a genuine sense of humour with it; a rare beast indeed. Aidan’s full self-titled LP is out August 28th ~ and you can watch the new video right here:


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