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Adeline Hotel

“Reliable Feelings” / “Homemade Lemonade”


words by tom johnson

photograph by chris bernabeo

If you picked up our recent Hidden Gems publication, you’ll find a few words on Adeline Hotel’s Solid Love LP buried within, a beautiful album full of warm, shuffling, full band country songs, released by the brilliant Whatever’s Clever label, and, most pertinently, led by the playing and soothing singing of Dan Knishkowy.

Less than a year on from that release, Knishkowy returns in February with Good Timing, a brand new ten-song album that takes on a subtly different shape to what came before. Almost wholly instrumental ‐ there is a hint of his voice, carried in on the breeze halfway through the album ‐ Good Timing offers a meditative and meandering patchwork of acoustic guitar work, both unadorned and improvised but also, at times, layered and deliberate.

The record is the sound of chasing down disparate trains of thought, the ways they clash and coalesce,” Knishkowy tells us of his new work. “I found freedom in a process uninhibited by pretence, learning how to listen and react to myself in real-time, discovering new ways to trust and understand my own playing and my own thoughts. In a way, I think records are beautiful approximations of your creative process, but with Good Timing, this is the closest I’ve ever gotten to the source.

Good Timing was announced earlier this month, with the sharing of a couple of tracks, and we’re really pleased to unveil another two pieces from it today, with the sharing of ‘Reliable Feelings’ and ‘Homemade Lemonade’. While both songs take on similar forms, as with the album as a whole there are gentle shifts here, little unexpected flurries and reclines, that piques the interest, that entices you into its world.

While there is a desire to place these songs under the American Primitive umbrella, as the album’s introduction notes: “these multitracked pieces may have more in common with ambient music” ~ and so it proves to be. These two new tracks are enticing and intriguing in and of themself, but they are also pieces of a wider, more immersive image; atmospheric reminders of what waits for us outside these walls and windows.

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