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words by sammy maine

ACES is the project of Brooklyn-based artist Alex Stewart. Back in April, she released her gorgeous debut EP ‘Stranger’ and today, we’re pleased to be premiering the EP’s first visual accompaniment. Much like the song’s building tension, interweaving electronic instrumentation and soothing, wavy vocals, Stewart has crafted a video that showcases the certain restlessness that comes with facing the kind of person who ties knots in your stomach; the person who once knew you at your most intimate but has barely breathed a word to you in months.

“There were so many ideas tossed around for Stranger but one night, completely jet-lagged, we picked up the camera and improvised at home. The premise was for me to get ready to go out with someone I used to know but is a complete stranger to me now,” Stewart says of the video. “They’re late and I’m getting more anxious about this face-to-face meet. It’s one long scene of me getting ready. There’s ample red wine, too much time on my hands and a nerve induced outfit change. I wanted the character to feel stuck inside her own head and I think you’ll see those wheels turning.”

The sporadic percussion teamed with Stewart’s breathy lyricism marks the juxtaposition of trying to stay calm with a relentless building inner-apprehension. It’s a master class in exploring the beauty in anxiety, with Stewart crafting a universal truth with a distinct vision. Watch it below.

‘Stranger’ is out now

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