Favourite Five // Armellodie Records

Och aye, Armellodie Records are a braw wee label from Glasgow and like the Wu Tang Clan before them, they aint nuthin’ ta fuck with. They’ve released records from the likes of The Scottish Enlightenment, The Douglas Firs, Something Beginning With L, Le Reno Amps and more. They’re shockingly good people, they’re “in it for […]

Introducing // Galoshins

Oooh, a debut! Galoshins from Scotland are backed/slacked by Armellodie Records (who else?!) and for the lazy reviewer (hi!)/listener they could well fill the Scotsophrenic void left by Dananananaykroyd’s disbanding, offering up a similarly unpredictable take on noise rock, with accents – but that’d be kind of a cheap way of selling them to you, […]

Album Review // Cuddly Shark ~ The Road To Ugly

Hey guys! The sophomore album from the least cool band on the planet is really good! Cuddly Shark (whose eponymous debut I think I bought because they had ‘shark’ in their name?) hath returned on the excellent Armellodie Records (see their GFP “Favourite Five” feature here) with ‘The Road To Ugly,’ and while it doesn’t […]

TOTD // 068; Cuddly Shark ~ Body Mass Index

There isn’t enough sheer unabashed indignation in rock music these days. Oh wait, Cuddly Shark have a new album? Sorry, I take it back. Glaswegian trio Cuddly Shark are another braw addition to the Armellodie roster, first appearing in 2009 with their pleasingly pissed self-titled debut which offered all the hooks and none of the […]

TOTD // 062; The Douglas Firs ~ Backroads

“Oh Diane, I almost forgot…Got to find out what kind of trees these are. They’re really something…” The Douglas Firs are Edinburgh’s Undisputed Kings of Spook, they released their damn fine, if somewhat un-classifiable debut, ‘Happy As A Windless Flag’ on Armellodie Records in mid-2011 which offered many thrills, chills, gills and spills and then […]