Video // U.S. Girls – Rosemary (FatCat Sessions)

April 24th, 2013 by TJ


On the last day of her European tour, shortly before Christmas 2012, Meghan Remy – U.S Girls to you and I – performed a few tracks for a FatCat Records session at the Green Door Store in Brighton. As a document, it’s a sparkling reminder of how powerful she is with a full backing band (that’s the Slim Twig band; Slim Twig is Meghan’s husband), and as a stand alone performance it’s just completely enthralling.

Filmed by the folks at, and with stage decorations put together by FatCat’s Dave Howell and Tom Lavis, utilising thousands of feet of video and audio cassette tape, and printouts of Meghan Remy’s collage art, it’s one of the finest sessions we’ve seen in a long time. Watch it below.

Parts 1 + 2 can be watched here.

GEM is out now, purchase it via the FatCat Store.

  • swift nick carter

    don´t want to be mean but she should drop the band. no synth or tapeloop take his self so serious like “SlimTwig Band”. in german we have the word Mukker for those type of guys. sorry.