Listen // GFP001; From The Outside Looking In

May 18th, 2012 by TJ

Here is our first ever compilation in celebration of two years of GoldFlakePaint. Thank you to everyone involved for your enthusiasm and hard work, it means a lot to us. To everyone else, we really hope you like it. Head over to our Bandcamp page to download the album for free and/or purchase a limited edition handmade CD version. Alternatively you can stream it below.

GFP001: From The Outside Looking In -

A compilation by GoldFlakePaint

01. North Bay – Golden Years

02. Dizzy Moths – Gods Go

03. Conveyor – Foreword

04. American Wolf – Respect Your Idols

05. Team Morale – Sleep Deprivation

06. PAWS – Shut Up And Drink Your Battery Acid

07. Slowdim – We Can Do it

08. Dad Rocks! – Funemployment (Live)

09. Lowpines – Give Me A Horse

10. Breathe Out – There’s An Animal In My Eyes

11. Yellowbirddd – Missing (Acoustic Version)

12. Johnny Foreigner – A Kings Heath Story

13. Ditt Inre – Jorden

14. Empty Pools – Vanderbilt Cup (The Soft’s ‘Long Island’ Mix)

15. Sparrow & The Workshop – Tired Of This Town

16. Black Books – Shipwrecked

17. Loch Awe – I Will Drift Into 10,000 Streams (Rough Mix)

18. Foreign Fields – Fragile Branches

*       *       *


  • Chipo

    This is so gooood Johnny Foreigner brought me here :) I’d actually never heard of any of these artists before JF but i’m streaming/downloading it right now and I love it.

  • TJ

    Really pleased you’re enjoying it, thanks for letting us know! Tom, GFP.

  • Mel Baker

    LOVE this teej, x