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posted this in Albums on 05/02/2015

The Fireworks | Switch Me On by lee adcock How is it that keen observations about love blend so well with high-powered guitars? Half the joy of indie pop stems from the nuances, and especially the little feelings – the reverent touching for the first time, the fumbling for the right word, the agony in […]

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Mind Brains Prac 1

posted this in Albums / Songs on 11/12/2014

Introducing | Mind Brains ~ by Lee Adcock Beware. A supernatural force emanates below. Weaker minds may be sucked into the screen. Behold. The collective intelligence that is MIND BRAINS teach their occult insights to the shrinking masses. Wrapped in the cloths of ritual, their identities remain unknown – yet locals from the village Athens […]

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posted this in Albums on 23/09/2014

David Thomas Broughton | Sliding the Same Way by Lee Adcock Folk art, by definition, is created outside of the art world. Family symbols, handed-down techniques, words that drift through generations – these things aren’t guided or defined by “-isms”. Or, in the case of music, by current and past “scenes”, trends, or influences.  That […]

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posted this in Albums on 12/08/2014

The Hobbes Fanclub | Up At Lagrange by Lee Adcock It’s true. Psychocandy never moved me. Maybe I’m too young. But what I do appreciate, and what I imagine others recall fondly, too, is how much swathes of space were cut in the mid- to late-eighties. From the lingering burn of Galaxie 500 and Red House […]

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posted this in Albums on 31/07/2014

Lunchbox | Lunchbox Loves You by Lee Adcock Well, sometimes a good tune is just a good tune, innit? There was a period last year when my last grandparent – my mum’s mum – lived in this very nice assisted living home in Atlanta. Very nice – like a very large house. And, on Saturdays, […]

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posted this in Albums / In Video on 17/07/2014

The Bastards Of Fate | Vampires are Real and Palpable by Lee Adcock Let’s be perfectly honest: I’ve been sitting on this one for a while. Too long a while. But then, when brilliance really strikes you – and I mean SHEER brilliance, with all the luminosity and force of a supernova just a light-year […]

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posted this in Albums on 08/07/2014

Honeyblood | Honeyblood by Lee Adcock Stop. Did my heart just skip a beat? What is this frosty pink nostalgia that I never had? Reflect. When I was a tiny child – five? Six? – my mum would play the same two Judds tapes in the car, non-stop, during the two-hour odyssey from Madison to […]

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posted this in Songs on 19/05/2014

Close Lobsters | Now Time by Lee Adcock Whenever I see or hear the term “reunion” tacked on to any musical event, I always feel this knee-jerk skepticism. Oh, yeah? You and which bandmates? What’s your angle, eh? But most importantly, what’s this new material you’re peddling? Fortunately, no one need worry about the Close […]

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